Far Out Family – #PINCKNEY

Bias the Black (LRDRVN) x Glenn Saddler (GILGARVN) and the rest of the Far Out Family bring you the Family Reunion Series first outing #PINCKNEY which was recorded entirely in the span of about a week. Really fun project to work on and let of some steam in preparation for the big stuff.

Includes many features one of which being Kaedus Hines (PAPERRVN).

Far Out Family – BUZZCUT

Far Out Family (Bias the Black / LRDRVN x Glenn Saddler / GILGARVN) new joint BUZZCUT of the up and coming Pinckney mixtape. If you listen carefully you can hear Kaedus (EMPRXRRVN) laughing near the end of the track.

Bias the Black’s (littleblackbirds)

( l i t t l e b l a c k b i r d s )

Okay so I had this idea right? Of an ever growing album. A “forever album”. I’m not even sure how to explain this. Okay I never been great at promoting my material. Which means I have stuff just floating around on the internet that no one has heard. Some are even tracks that people have been asking for that didn’t even know that it had already been released.

I also have this bad habit of not releasing ANYTHING! I get caught up in this idea that everything has to be a masterpiece. Everything needs an album or project to accompany it which eventually ends in me just not releasing it at all once a project changes directions. This means that I end up shelving really dope material instead of just putting it out.

(… enter little black birds)

All of this is to say that I’m releasing what I’m calling a “forever album” (because I haven’t really seen anyone do this before so I don’t actually know if it already has a name) by the name of “little black birds”.

What I will be doing is removing much of my material from the internet and releasing the note worthy items in a single location for the ease of the listener, all under LBB.

I’ve always been a fan of collectables since ever since I was young and if you know anything about collecting things they always have a serial number as will every track I release in this way. Each track will have it’s own name followed by a number (lbb001, lbb002, lbb003, etc.) to keep track of this never ending project.

I will be releasing new and old material this way. Every song that I create that doesn’t find a home on an album or project will become a little black bird. This way my new and old listeners will have one location for all my audio.

I will still be releasing projects. But I would like it to feel like my upcoming Black Hudii project is my first true effort. Everything else is a little black bird.

I’ll just let them fly.

– the Black (LRDRVN)

(this can also be read here)